Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

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Shirey Little

Executive Director and Perry County Director

Mark Foor

West Perry Director

Danny Reed

Juniata County Director, CPYM Assistant Director

Steven Bender

Mifflin County Ministry Director

Seth "Jake" Little

Post Grad & Cross Fit Director

Shannon Moyer

S.U.N. Area Ministry Director

Mallory McClure

Garden Club Director

Teresa Woodard

Administrative Assistant

Our Board of Directors

David Rumburger, Chairman, Perry County

Benjamin Zook, Vice Chairman, Mifflin County

Nicholas Speece, Secretary, Juniata County

Mark Dersham, Treasurer, S.U.N. Area

William Furman, S.U.N. Area

Sharon Chivalette, S.U.N. Area

Brian Anderson, S.U.N. Area

John Marshal, S.U.N. Area

Stan & Linda Shepski, S.U.N. Area

Dr. William Crim, Juniata County

Frank Woodard, Perry County

Andrew Raudensky, Perry County

Dave Taylor, Perry County

Michele Comp, Perry County

Wesley Smith, Perry County

Megan Platt, Perry County

Ryan McClure, Perry County

Tom Belmont, Perry County

Lucas Maben, Perry County

Louis Dilissio, West Perry

David Sites, West Perry

Nelson King, Juniata County

Emerson & Sandy Peachy, Mifflin County

R. Ann Kanagy, Mifflin County

Aquilla (Quill) Kanagy, Mifflin County

Jason & Shannon Peachy, Mifflin County